Saturday B Movie Reel #130 – Trancers

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On this podcast Kevin discusses Trancers (1985) which is available via

Here’s the description…

Welcome to Angel City, 2247. Trooper Jack Deth (Tim Thomerson) is wiping out the last disciples of Whistler, who used his psychic power to ‘trance’ those with inferior minds, forcing them to follow his every desire. Though he’d been thought dead, he’s very much alive…in the year 1985. Whistler’s master plan – kill the ancestors of the City Council. With the Council disbanded, nothing can stop him from controlling the city. And that’s where Deth comes in. Jack is sent back in time, inhabiting the body of his ancestor and enlisting the help of a strong-willed punk girl, Lena (Helen Hunt), to help him stop Whistler.

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One Response to “Saturday B Movie Reel #130 – Trancers”

  1. Philip Symons says:

    Title 6
    Plot 6
    Acting 8
    Special Effects 8
    Cheese Level 9
    Eye Candy 5
    Rewatchability 10
    Death Scenes 7

    Helen Hunt earns the eye candy points by herself, bless her.
    Cheese level is 9 because his name is Jack DETH. The subtitles of the sequels that followed *really* played on that as well. Brilliant.
    The death scenes aren’t gorefest-spectacular but they are funny. Like when he “singes” the black woman whose stunt double is anything but a double at the start… you know you’re in for a treat.

    Speaking of the sequels…
    The first five films are superb. 4 and 5 (“Jack of Swords” and “Sudden Deth”) were part of Full Moon’s “let’s move to Romania and film on the cheap” mission but still a lot of fun. I’ve seen a tiny, tiny bit of Trancers 6 (“Life After Deth”) and it looks diabolical.
    However… What about Trancers 1.5?! It’s on Full Moon Streaming. Imagine if Trancers was a TV show! It was a short of sorts for something called “Pulse Pounders” by Empire just as it folded. There are two other Empire-related features in the Pulse Pounders cannon.
    Trancers 1.5 (“City of Lost Angels”) didn’t actually feature any trancers. But it’s still brilliant.

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