• Tuning in to SciFi TV
  • April 16, 2021

You can listen to the episode now by using the play button below or click the link to read more detailed show notes.

Today, we talk about:

00:36 George R.R. Martin on Bastards in Game of Thrones
00:36 Ommegang’s Game of Thrones Beer
03:41 DC and Marvel TV and Movie History
08:12 Being Human 4.10 Oh Don’t You Die for Me
16:08 Once Upon A Time 3.13 Witch Hunt
22:08 Community 5.10 Advanced Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
24:13 Show Off 2014 Results Discussion
28:51 Teen Wolf 3.23 Insatiable



2 thoughts on “Tuning in to SciFi TV #282 – Last Call

  1. I agree with you that Josh is wimpy about his wolfness but you don’t know much about wolf hierarchy. Betas in a wolf pack are far from wimpy. They are second in command in the pack and will often be the enforcers of the clan. Omegas are the “wimps” or whipping boys of the pack. They are the lowest of the ranks and are subservient to all pack members. Though they are lowly they serve a useful purpose to the pack. They can often diffuse tense situations and can be seen as the court jesters of the pack.

    1. Thanks, but I wasn’t referring to Josh being a beta in the sense of the wolf pack hierarchy. I was using a real world term to define him as a “beta male” in the way he reacts to situations. Sorry for the confusion.

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