On today’s podcast Kevin covers Zombeavers (2014).

Here is the description…

Following a group of college kids as they head into the woods for a weekend of sinful pleasures, they quickly discover that the local lodge of beavers have been mutated into something altogether nastier by toxic waste. Soon, the booze, sex and debauchery are interrupted by a bloody fight for their lives from these relentless critters.


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2 thoughts on “Saturday B Movie Reel #155 – Zombeavers”
  1. This was a great movie! Had everything a good B-Movie should have in it.

    Title 8
    Plot 6
    Acting 8
    Special effects 7
    Cheese 9
    Eye Candy 8
    Rewatchability 7
    Death Scenes 4

    I enjoyed the cast, Rex Linn being the most recognizable from CSI: Miami where he was the main Cop. The girls played their parts very well and never took me out of the movie. The one scene with Brent Briscoe, the neighbor, was great where he delivered some great lines about if he checked on the girls he’d have to join their party. I would like to have seen him have a larger role.

    I also noticed a nod to “Die Hard” when they were boarding up the house. Sam paraphrased Willis when he related why he visited his wife in LA.

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