Tuning in to SciFi TV #315

November 26, 2014

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Water Cooler

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Tuner Minute: Not You Again
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Back Porch

0:50:01 Agents of SHIELD 2.08 The Things We Bury
1:01:35 The Walking Dead 5.06 Consumed

Show Notes and Links

Quick Reviews

Sun 11/16
– Once Upon A Time 4.08 Smash the Mirror
– The Walking Dead 5.06 Consumed
Mon 11/17
– Gotham 1.09 Harvey Dent
– Sleepy Hollow 2.09 Mama
Tue 11/18
– Agents of SHIELD 2.08 The Things We Bury
– Forever 1.09 6 A.M.
– Person of Interest 4.08 Point of Origin
– Supernatural 10.06 Ask Jeeves
– The Flash 1.06 The Flash Is Born
– Space Janitors 3.04 Haunted Heroes
Wed 11/19
– Arrow 3.07 Draw Back Your Bow
– The Almighty Johnsons 2.05 A Damn Fine Woman
Thu 11/20
– The Big Bang Theory 8.10 The Champagne Reflection
– The Vampire Diaries 6.08 Fade Into You
– The Almighty Johnsons 2.06 Folkmoot
Fri 11/21
– Constantine 1.05 Danse Vaudou
– Grimm 4.05 Cry Luison
– Haven 5.11 Reflections

Feedback, News and Links

Voicemail from Craig from PA re: Bridget Regan casting on Agent Carter
Voicemail from Christine in MI re: Theory vs Practice tuner minute
Peter Capaldi to Return for Doctor Who Season 9
Agents of SHIELD Season 1 Available On Netflix Streaming
Agents of SHIELD Producers Answer Questions
Haven Casting News
Sleepycast #13 – Interviews with Cast and Crew
First Look at Salem Season 2
Orphan Black Casting News
Frankenstein UK Miniseries Starring Sean Bean
Teasers on The Flash and Arrow Crossover
HBO Orders Westworld to Series
Childhood’s End Casting News
Community Casting News
Interview with The Walking Dead’s Carol (Melissa McBride)

Episode #315 hosted by Kevin Bachelder, Wendy Hembrock, and Brent Barrett.  Recorded on 11/22/14. Edited by Brent Barrett.

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Theme song graciously provided by Beatnik Turtle.

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