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November 19, 2014

Have something to promote?  Podcast?  Book?  Web site?  Game?  New child?  Garage sale?  Or nothing at all?

Want to lend your voice to the opening of an episode of Tuning in to Sci Fi TV and let folks know about whatever it is you’re promoting?  Or even if you don’t have anything to promote, want to introduce one of our episodes?  Then keep reading…

At the start of episodes of TIST, you hear Brent introduce the show and inform you that you are listening to Tuning in to Sci Fi TV for a certain week or weeks worth of genre television.  If you want to introduce an episode of our podcast, then we want to hear you!

Here’s how:

  • Record an introduction (read below for what you need to include) using our voicemail, Speakpipe, or your own recording software and send it to us.
  • If you are using your own recording software, please try to send us either a 192Kbps or better MP3 or a WAVE file recorded at 44KHz or better.
  • Try to keep it brief, but you are free to include your name and anything you want to promote such as a web site, podcast, book, or other creation.  Heck, even if you want to promote something someone else did, we’ll consider it.
  • You must conclude each introduction with an introduction to our podcast episode, which must include a reference to our podcast name, tag line, and the week(s) it is covering.  (Examples below.)
  • Since we typically edit our podcast Sunday-Tuesday of each week, we will need any submissions for an episode by the Sunday before the episode is scheduled for release.
  • While we release a podcast almost every week, we do take a couple of breaks during the year (DragonCon, Thanksgiving, and Christmas come to mind).  If you want to submit an entry and are unsure if we’ll be recording, feel free to shoot us an e-mail and ask.
  • Our podcasts almost always cover from the previous Saturday to Friday, so week dates should be stated with that in mind.

Example introductions (you don’t need to include any reference to you or your promotion if you don’t want to — and you can use your normal voice, your announcer voice, or a funny voice as you see fit):

  • “Hi, I’m <name> from <podcast> and you’re listening to Tuning in to Sci Fi TV, the viewer’s guide to genre television, for the week of <Saturday date> to <Friday date>, <year>.”
  • “My name is <name>, author of the new book <title>.  Welcome to Tuning in to Sci Fi TV, the viewer’s guide to genre television, for the week of <Saturday date> to <Friday date>, <year>.”
  • “Tuning in to Sci Fi TV, the viewer’s guide to genre television, for the weeks of <Saturday date> to <Friday date>, <year>.”

We will consider any submissions for use.  If your introduction is selected, you and others will hear it at the start of the appropriate episode.  If it isn’t selected, and it’s still acceptable for release with our show, we will include it at the end of the podcast so that it doesn’t go to waste and folks still get a chance to hear it.  If you don’t hear your submission, that just means for some reason it didn’t fit that week.

Feel free to submit as many as you like as often as you like.  We look forward to hearing from you.  And thank you for supporting Tuning in to Sci Fi TV.

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