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2 thoughts on “Tuner Minute 333 – Copy/Paste”
  1. There’s a fabulous book that takes on this idea: Kiln People by David Brin. People have the technology to make clay copies of themselves—low quality clay, use for things like cleaning the house, high quality clay makes excellent copies you could use to send to negotiate at a business meeting. A copy only lives for a day, and you have the option to integrate the copy’s memories at the end of the day (the negotiator) or not (the cleaner). The plot gets going with the protagonist chasing down a mystery with the help of his copies. It would actually make a great movie or miniseries. Somebody is probably sitting on the rights somewhere.

  2. Thanks! The book sounds interesting. The ‘over write or save’ option on what to do with the experiences of the clay clone is an interesting idea. The idea of a clay person makes me think of a variation on a golem story since they are made of mud. They are often mute servants to their creator. Certain actions by the creator then trigger its destruction – like removing a word marked on it, or other ‘reversal’ type action.

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