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Today, we talk about:

00:35 The Walking Dead 5.15 Try
14:01 The Nine X-Files Episodes to Hook You
16:49 Trailer for Sir Patrick Stewart’s Blunt Talk Comedy
17:56 Game of Thrones Speculation
18:45 Why Queen Elizabeth Did Not Sit on the Iron Throne
19:38 Pre-Game of Thrones Season 5 Bonus Show Coming Soon!
22:16 The Flash 1.16 Rogue Time
32:26 Agents of SHIELD 2.14 Love in the Time of Hydra
40:15 Grimm 4.15 Double Date
45:05 iZombie 1.02 Brother, Can You Spare a Brain?
53:43 Continuum 2.06 Second Truths / 2.07 Second Degree

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