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2 thoughts on “Tuner Minute 340 – The New Model”
  1. Did you post this Tuner Minute because of the Netflix show Sense8, or does it only feel that way because I just binge watched all 12 episodes this weekend?

    I loved it, but saw several professional reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, etc., that disagreed. The reviewers said they were provided with three episodes for reviewing purposes and their reactions were lukewarm. To me that compares to if they had been given the first half hour of a movie or five chapters of a book, and based their review on that.

    J Michael Strazynski was the show writer. On Babylon 5, he was good about having a season-long arc, but structuring each episode into a teaser, a rising plot towards climax, with mini cliffhangers at commercial breaks, and a tag. Sense8 had a bit of related theme in each episode and had a cliffhangery end on some of them, but it was much more of a collection of mini vignettes. The disparate pieces slowly came together into an overarching and impactful whole in the last third of the season.

    It worked for me (and ratings and reviews by viewers seem to agree with me), but I’m not sure how they’re going to make this model work within the professional reviewing community.

    1. Several shows, such as Daredevil and Sense8 for sure. Thanks for your comment. And thanks for the interesting question about the reviewers and how that whole process will have to adapt to this new model as well.

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