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39:43 The Last Ship 2.01 Unreal City / 2.02 Fight the Ship / 2.03 It’s Not a Rumor
52:24 Defiance 3.04 Dead Air / 3.05 History Rhymes

Show Notes and Links

Quick Reviews

Sat 6/20
– Orphan Black 3.10 History Yet to Be Written (SEASON FINALE)
– Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell 1.02 How is Lady Pole?
Sun 6/21
– Beauty and the Beast 3.03 Bob & Carol & Vincent & Cat
– Penny Dreadful 2.08 Memento Mori
– Salem 2.12 Midnight Never Come
– The Last Ship 2.01 Unreal City / 2.02 Fight the Ship
Mon 6/22
– The Whispers 1.04 Meltdown
Tue 6/23
– Stitchers 1.04 I See You
Thu 6/25
– Wayward Pines 1.06 Choices
Fri 6/26
– Dark Matter 1.03 Episode #1.3
– Defiance 3.04 Dead Air
– Killjoys 1.02 The Sugar Point Run
Sat 6/27
– Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell 1.03 The Education of a Magician
Sun 6/28
– Beauty and the Beast 3.04 Heart of the Matter
– Falling Skies 5.01 Find Your Warrior
– Humans 1.01 Episode 1×01
– Penny Dreadful 2.09 And Hell Itself My Only Foe
– Salem 2.13 The Witching Hour (SEASON FINALE)
– The Last Ship 2.03 It’s Not a Rumor
Mon 6/29
– Teen Wolf 5.01 Creatures of the Night
– The Whispers 1.05 What Lies Beneath
Tue 6/30
– Stitchers 1.05 Stitcher in the Rye
– Teen Wolf 5.02 Parasomnia
Wed 7/1
– Extant 2.01 Change Scenario
Thu 7/2
– Wayward Pines 1.07 Betrayal
Fri 7/3
– Dark Matter 1.04 Episode #1.4
– Defiance 3.05 History Rhymes
– Killjoys 1.03 The Harvest
– Sense8 1.04 What’s Going On?
– Daredevil 1.12 The Ones We Leave Behind
– The Almighty Johnsons 3.04 Like the Berserkers of Old

Feedback, News and Links

Voicemail from Scott in MA re: Under the Dome, Dark Matter, Killjoys, and Daredevil
NBC Premiere Dates For Grimm and Heroes Reborn
The CW Premiere Dates For Arrow, The Flash, iZombie And More
Fox Premiere Dates
The Last Ship Behind the Scenes
The Last Ship Inside the Season 2 Premiere
Heroes Reborn Trailer
Legends Of Tomorrow Names Showrunner
Gotham Casts Two New Characters
Outlander Casting News
Hunters Casting News
Scream Queens Casting News
Neil Gaiman Will Write Episodes of American Gods
Agent Carter Season 2 Teasers
Interview with One of the Robots from Humans
Supergirl Interview (Melissa Benoist)
Killjoys Showrunner Discusses the Season So Far

Episode #343 hosted by Wendy Hembrock, Kevin Bachelder and Brent Barrett.  Recorded on 7/05/15. Edited by Brent Barrett.

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Theme song graciously provided by Beatnik Turtle.

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