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Today, we talk about:

00:38 Orphan Black Podcasters Roundtable
02:22 Arrow Squad Interview with Kelley Harkins from Dragon Con American Scifi And Fantasy Media
03:26 Anna Silk Announced as a Guest for Dragon Con 2015
05:38 Even Sharknado 3 Can’t Escape a Game of Thrones Tie-in
06:33 Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion Talk Con Man’s Origins
08:52 The Last Ship 2.06 Long Day’s Journey
17:06 Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell 1.06 Chapter Six: The Black Tower
21:06 The Almighty Johnsons 3.07 Typical Auckland God
28:32 The Xena Reboot Rumors
31:19 Yet Another X-Files Teaser
32:47 Dark Matter 1.07 Episode #1.7
41:54 Continuum 3.13 Last Minute

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