Alright, you heard Wendy’s Tuner Minute.  You heard our weekly podcast.  Now it’s your turn to tell us what your genre dream team would be.  Keep reading for the guidelines for your submission.

There is no deadline for submission (but, you know, the sooner the better to keep it fresh).  As we get submissions, we’ll share them with the listeners in Last Call episodes.  And Kevin, Wendy and Brent will share their dream teams in the coming weeks as well.

To submit your dream teams, use e-mail or voice mail or record an audio file and send it along.  If you do record an audio team roster, please keep details of why you chose each person brief, or we may have to trim it down.  If you use e-mail, please include “Dream Team” in the subject.

Below are a list of scenarios and positions.  Give us the name of some television genre character to fill each position in any scenario.  You can send us just one scenario, a few, or all of them.  It’s all up to you.  But please try to complete a team roster when submitting (partial team rosters may be discarded).  And, hey, if you think we forgot a valuable position on any team, go ahead and include it!

  • Team Space
    1. Captain
    2. Executive Officer
    3. Weapons
    4. Communications
    5. Security
    6. Engineering
    7. Science
    8. Medical
    9. Navigation
    10. Villain
  • Team Apocalypse
    1. Leader
    2. Second in Command
    3. Scout
    4. Medical
    5. Weapons
    6. Supplies
    7. Villain
  • Team Superhero
    1. Flyer
    2. Fighter
    3. Tank
    4. Mental
    5. Genius
    6. Supernatural
    7. Villain
  • Team Supernatural
    1. Fighter
    2. Mystic
    3. Supernatural Being
    4. Comic
    5. Smarts
    6. Jock
    7. Baddie

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