Tuning in to SciFi TV #362

December 9, 2015

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Water Cooler

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Tuner Minute: Playing Favorites
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Back Porch

44:57 Agents of SHIELD 3.09 Closure
53:51 The Flash 2.08 Legends of Today and Arrow 4.08 Legends of Yesterday crossover

Show Notes and Links

Quick Reviews

Sat 11/21
– Ash vs Evil Dead 1.04 Brujo
– Doctor Who 9.10 Face the Raven
Sun 11/22
– The Librarians 2.05 And the Hollow Men
– The Walking Dead 6.07 Heads Up
Mon 11/23
– Gotham 2.10 The Son of Gotham
– Minority Report 1.09 Memento Mori
– Supergirl 1.05 How Does She Do It
Thu 11/26
– Haven 5.22 A Matter of Time
Sat 11/28
– Ash vs Evil Dead 1.05 The Host
– Doctor Who 9.11 Heaven Sent
Sun 11/29
– Once Upon A Time 5.10 Broken Heart
– The Librarians 2.06 And the Infernal Contract
– The Walking Dead 6.08 Start to Finish
Mon 11/30
– Gotham 2.11 Worse Than a Crime
– Minority Report 1.10 Everybody Runs
– Supergirl 1.06 Red Faced
Tue 12/1
– Agents of SHIELD 3.09 Closure
– iZombie 2.08 The Hurt Stalker
– The Flash 2.08 Legends of Today
Wed 12/2
– Arrow 4.08 Legends of Yesterday
– Supernatural 11.08 Just My Imagination
Thu 12/3
– Haven 5.23 Blind Spot
– The Vampire Diaries 7.08 Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
Fri 12/4
– Grimm 5.05 The Rat King
– Jessica Jones – series
– The Man in the High Castle 1.04

Feedback, News and Links

Voicemail from Scott on Cape Cod re: Dream Team tuner minute
Thanks as well to Mark from Solo Talk for sending us an idea for an upcoming Tuner Minute
iZombie Gets Additional Episodes
When is Person of Interest returning?
Supergirl Gets Full Season Order
Return Dates for Shows
CW Winter Schedule plans: here and here
Agent Carter Premiere Date Pushed Back
Teen Wolf Season 5B Trailer
Legends Of Tomorrow Trailer
The Magicians Premiere Date Announced
Outlander season 2 trailer
Kevin Bacon to Star in Tremors TV Reboot
Mystery Science Theater 3000 casts Patton Oswalt and Felicia Day
Arrow casts another villain
Supergirl casts a villain
Cast of Childhood’s End preview the series
Details on Doctor Who’s Christmas Special
Doctor Who Christmas Special Teaser

Episode #362 hosted by Wendy Hembrock, Kevin Bachelder and Brent Barrett.  Recorded on 12/7/15. Edited by Brent Barrett.

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Theme song graciously provided by Beatnik Turtle.

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