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0:41:10 Killjoys 2.08 Full Metal Monk
0:51:45 Dark Matter 2.08 Stuff to Steal, People to Kill
1:04:30 The Last Ship 3.09 Paradise

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Sun 8/14
– The Last Ship 3.09 Paradise
Fri 8/19
– Dark Matter 2.08 Stuff to Steal, People to Kill
– Killjoys 2.08 Full Metal Monk

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Episode #395 hosted Kevin Bachelder, Wendy Hembrock and Brent Barrett.  Recorded on 8/20/16. Edited by Brent Barrett.

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2 thoughts on “Tuning in to SciFi TV #395”
  1. Spoilers for Dark Matter 2-08

    Some feedback on your discussion of the alt universe episode of Dark Matter.

    First. Let’s call the blink drive for what it is: The Holly Hop Drive! (Circa season 2 Red Dwarf)

    Second, there was something about the episode that was gnawing at me, and it took your discussion for me to figure it out. And it looks like you missed it too!

    1. Five brought the Holly Hop Drive (HHD) aboard the Raza in the first place. As a stowaway with her companion whose name I can’t remember. He didn’t make it.
    2. She initiated the mind wipe after discovering the assassination plot on Six.
    3. In the alt universe, the Raza already HAD the HHD. Apparently for some time.
    4. Six was killed by Two in the alt universe.

    When you do the math on the above facts, there is but one conclusion: Five never had the chance to initiate the mind wipe and they got the HHD from her. So what happened to AU Five?

  2. Rematched a few key episodes of Season 1 today:

    Five stole the Holly Hop Drive key off a “bearded man” on the ??? Station. The bearded man’s people hunted down Five’s friends in an attempt to retrieve the HHD key. She and TJ escaped to the Raza, where she was discovered by Three and nearly spaced (Six stopped Three from spacing her). She was then recruited by vote, with Four being the deciding vote.

    Later, she had a recording device in the mess which recorded Two and Four discussing killing “him” (Six) when they came out of Stasis, so she reprogrammed the pods to erase their memories.

    What happened in the Alt Universe?

    There was no indication that the Raza was on the station for the HHD in “our” universe. Were they there for it in the alt universe or did they get it off of Five aboard the Raza? She did mention it to Three when he was about to space her. Obviously, in the alt universe, she was unable to erase their memories or save Six.

    So again, what happened to Alt Five? Is she dead? Is she on the alt Marauder? What happened???

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