Show Off 2016 Results Are In!

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You were patient and voted every day since the start of the year to decide which genre shows of 2016 were the best!  And now your hard work has paid off.  The results are in!  Be sure to let us know what you think about these results, and remember that this isn’t a list from our subjective choice… it’s from your objective votes!

Show Off 2016 Results

1    Agents of SHIELD
2    Orphan Black
3    iZombie
4    Grimm
5    Game of Thrones
6    12 Monkeys
7    Dark Matter
8    Doctor Who
9    Lucifer
10    The Magicians
11    Wynonna Earp
12    Lost Girl
13    Agent Carter
14    Jessica Jones
15    Stranger Things
16    Luke Cage
17    The 100
18    Killjoys
19    The Expanse
20    The X-Files
21    Daredevil
22    The Flash
23    The Good Place
24    Person of Interest
25    Humans
26    Westworld
27    Timeless
28    Teen Wolf
29    The Last Ship
30    Ash vs Evil Dead
31    Stitchers
32    Aftermath
33    Supernatural
34    The Librarians
35    American Horror Story
36    No Tomorrow
37    From Dusk Till Dawn
38    The Walking Dead
39    Colony
40    Hunters
41    The Shannara Chronicles
42    You Me and the Apocalypse
43    Legends of Tomorrow
44    Sense8
45    Sleepy Hollow
46    Z Nation
47    The Vampire Diaries
48    Frequency
49    Second Chance
50    Penny Dreadful
51    Preacher
52    Arrow
53    Travelers
54    The Exorcist
55    Supergirl
56    The Man In The High Castle
57    Outlander
58    Day 5
59    Bitten
60    Limitless
61    Gotham
62    Once Upon A Time
63    Falling Water
64    The Last Man On Earth
65    The Originals
66    Incorporated
67    The Strain
68    Van Helsing
69    Salem
70    Shadowhunters
71    Scream
72    Outcast
73    Containment
74    Wayward Pines
75    Bates Motel
76    Scream Queens
77    Fear The Walking Dead
78    Beauty and the Beast
79    Crunch Time
80    Dirk Gently
81    11/22/1963
82    Cleverman
83    Heroes Reborn
84    Powers


3 Responses to “Show Off 2016 Results Are In!”

  1. Scott says:

    Thanks for a great time the last 3 months!
    I’m glad Agents of Shield won.
    Will we ever get to see the brackets?
    I’d like to see who bumped off my other favorites.
    And thanks for all the hard work!
    It was a lot of fun.
    Scott from Cape Cod

  2. Brent says:

    It’s a mess, trust me. Way too many shows this year. 🙂

    For Person of Interest, it won its first match against Humans. Lost its second match against Orphan Black, then was allowed to enter the “losers bracket” and get another vote (I want to give shows that lose one more chance — unless no one votes for it, in which case it’s done).

    In the losers bracket, it won against Timeless and that’s where it ended its run (not enough votes to continue, since I do take the highest voted loser into the playoffs… this time, that was Westworld).

  3. Bonita says:

    I’m amazed at how many of these I was able to watch at least one episode of. That’s a long list.

    No wonder it took so long!

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