On today’s podcast Kevin and Bonnie very excited to be joined by Katherine Barrell who plays Officer Nicole Haught on the show. We discuss her character’s journey since we last had her on the podcast as well as shooting those awesome WayHaught scenes including a certain cheerleading scene plus so much more! Safe to listen to after you have seen season 2 episode 3 “Gonna Getcha Good”.

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9 thoughts on “Tales of the Black Badge – A Wynonna Earp Fan Podcast #52 – Katherine Barrell Season 2 Interview”
    1. Excellent interview, thank you Bonnie and Kevin for all that you do for Wynonna Earp and the Earpers and thank you Kat for sharing your time with us.

  1. love Kat interview. love the part about she used to drive uber. and it onley getting stated what more can emily do to us. have a itunes season pass to watch really for the bonus stuff. and watch on syfy and dvr and rewatch on week end 4 times. i work all day satureday. so would to like mor on the rewatch. plus tweet likes. an earper to my bones.

  2. After hearing this, I kinda wanna know what’s Dom’s side about this cheerleading thingy. Hahahaha

  3. Thanks so much for doing these interviews. I only just got into the show a couple of weeks ago by watching the first season on Netflix, and I LOVE it. I’ve never been such a big fan of anything, haha. I’m actually re-watching the whole thing with my wife as well and getting even more out of it by watching it the second time through.

    All of the actors are amazing, and Kat is no exception. Wonderful interview.

    It’s weird to me how much emphasis is put on watching the show on TV. I haven’t had cable in years, and most of the people I know don’t have cable either. It’s so expensive and I just don’t watch that much TV… I bought a season pass on Google Play so I hope that helps!

  4. I LOVE THIS SHOW! Plus the cast is amazing with the fans. Kat and Dom are simply wonderful with supporting the LGBT community. I really hope Syfy renews the show; we finally have some decent representation on the telly.

  5. I’ve just come across this.. awesome! Kat is a raising star for sure.. she’s going to go so far as an actress and director. I’m excited to be growing up with her generation being able to be a part of the adaptation through life! wonderful!

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