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  1. Filipa says:

    Hi Bonnie and Kevin
    I love this interaction you have with the Earpers, it’s superb and you’re extremely welcoming. I’m very happy that I came out of the shadow of my nerdiness and wynonna earp obsession and decided to support the show and the amazing cast on all kinds of social media, it’s been extremely rewarding for someone who never had a fandom or believed in them. But no other show has got my entire devotion and love.
    As of theories, on episode 6 when the witches break the second seal at shorty’s I thought I heard them singing “oh beelzebub contesting you” and this name is mentioned in the old greek testament, don’t know if it matters but I thought it was interesting.
    As of ep 7 (my favourite so far), about Doc I do agree with Bonnie about the “immortality cloak” ,somehow Clootie’s death broke that spell on him and I believe, just like Kevin, that cough is nothing but a bad Omen. Still on the Doc subject, he says almost at the end of the ep “I was at the bottom of the well for a long time but now there’s someone I need to pay a visit” he looks at the ring in his hand (which looks like one of those rings from the widows) and that led me to believe he will look for the stone witch. Doc also had an amazing scene with wynonna at the start and it made me tear knowing how much love he has for her, he will always be “All in” no matter what.
    As of the Earp sisters, the plot thickens, but the insinuating camera on Waverly when we find out that Revenants and Humans procreating isn’t unheard of was too revealing. And I thought, maybe Waverly could be half Revenant and half human but the reason for her still being able to hold Peacemaker and live in the homestead would be due to the Revenant gene being recessive. I also love that Wynonna is kinda ignoring the father figure because she knows that no matter what she’ll have all the support from her friends and family and that is just a beautiful message to pass on.
    Drunk Nicole anytime she was the show stealer! I loved it!!
    I think that’s it on my theories really, thank you so much again guys! 😀

    • Syl says:

      Hi to both of you.
      I’m a newbie to the podcast that I love by the way, and to supporting the show on social media. (I thought for too long it wasn’t useful as a little fan from Belgium)
      I had to get out of lurkdom to tell you how much you both moved me in this episode. I was pretty sure I wouldn’t cry because it takes a lot for me to do while that watching a show or listening to reviews but I was wrong.
      It’s the part about single-motherhood being superheroes that got me as it reminded me of a personal story.
      If you don’t mind hearing those…
      My partner has been raising her two adopted sons on her own since they were around 4 and 6 years old. They’re both young adults now,, When the youngest was in kindergarten, after 911, his teacher asked the class to draw their favorite hero. When most kids drew firefighters or cops, our little guy drew his mom and himself, holding hands. When his teacher asked about it, he described it with those amazing child’s words: my mom is a hero; she takes good care of me.
      Every time I see that drawing on the wall when I’m visiting them, I’m tearing up.
      This is not really related to the show, but I wanted to share because I think it’s another proof that you don’t need to share blood to be family.
      What matters is the heart, not the blood.

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