4 Responses to “Tales of the Black Badge – A Wynonna Earp Fan Podcast #73 – I Hope You Dance (2×12) Review”

  1. Karen says:

    It is a very interesting theory that peacemaker can tell who goes to hell/heaven. My thought is that peacemaker can feel that Waverly has a pure heart and that is why it worked. Another theory is that ,again with all the references that Waverly is an angel, what if when Waverly uses peacemaker (assuming she is an angel) that whoever she shoots goes to heaven. Peacemaker in Waverly hands when and if she shoots it, in some way “forgives” the revenant it serves as someone atoning for their sins.

  2. Karen says:

    That look between Dolls and Nicole I think is a nod of agreement or a nod that they are both on the same page. I think they are going to investigate Clootie and they are going to come up with a plan to stop him by any means necessary which is why they are keeping it a secret from everyone.

  3. Heather Lamb says:

    I’m curious to find out if Clootie/Bulshar’s ring gives anyone who wears it special powers? It made Widow Mercedes more powerful when she put it on, but would it effect a normal person, like Nicole? So many possibilities, and I can’t wait to learn more! Great job, Bonnie and Kevin!

  4. Lori (Let Us Earp) says:

    Thank you, Bonnie & Kevin, for these recaps, for Whiskey & Doughnuts & for leading this fandom!

    Random thoughts:
    I love that you pronounce his name as Eww-an, because that’s appropriate. Maybe Doc could put on Bulshar’s ring & be immortal again? It seems like Dolls & Nicole have had something cooking for a while, because he pushed for Waverly to give the seal to Beth in order to save Nicole’s life, rather than wait for Wynonna to come through. I know neither he nor Nicole were there for the blood oath to Black Badge, but did he have to take the oath a long time ago? If not, maybe that’s their connection…

    Can’t wait for season 3!

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