On this podcast, Kevin and Kat are discussing the first four episodes of season 1 of Buffy The Vampire Slayer including Welcome To The Hellmouth (1×01), The Harvest (1×02), Witch (1×03) and Teacher’s Pet (1×04).


Spoilery section begins at 55:33

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One thought on “Buffy Earpers #02 – Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 1 Episodes (1×01 – 1×04)”
  1. I’m a Buffy fan who is pretty new to Wynona so I really enjoyed your reference to the cheer leading episodes in both shows.

    I agree, Buffy is a slow burn show, and they don’t have many of those anymore. I think the world BTVS builds has more depth than most worlds in more modern shows – but that happens because they keep opening the door to the universe and characters wider. Now that there’s streaming, they show more world and character immediately but then they don’t have as many questions to answer. Does that make any sense?

    As for the clothing, and the tech, I just tell people to think of it as an historical show set in the 80’s. They get all the little details beautifully after all. 😀

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