The North remembers the heroes who died saving the living from the undead. We will never see their like again. But in Game of Thrones, the morning after breaks our hearts as the living forget and abandon the wolf pack; discarding friends, lovers and loyal pets. Wendy, Christine, Shannon and Jesse discuss the The Last of the Starks‘ flawed rush to tragic losses in the South.

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Hosted by Wendy Hembrock. Recorded on 5/7/2019. Edited by Brent Barrett.

Music by Break of Reality used with permission.

One thought on “Small Council Matters – Game of Thrones 8×04 The Last of the Starks”
  1. First, thank you, Mistresses and Maesters. I’m appreciative and humbled by your reply to my tiny ravens. As for Maester Wendy’s question, how would I advise Queen Dany, it would be deal with a problem all too common in Westeros and other lands and world:

    Communicate. Communicate. Communicate!

    All too often in Westeros, Delos, Smallville, Central City, Star City, National City, Earth-1, Earth-38, etc., people have a massive failure to communicate. I would advise Her Grace, to take the time, while troops are recovering and spirits are high, to gather the various Lords, Ladies and representatives of the Commoners of the North to hash things out.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, for all of the queen’s vision, I don’t think she has told anyone other than Tyrion of her plan to “break the wheel”, not even Varys, Jon or even Jorah. If she shared what that looks like, freedom for everyone, be it literal, where her first act as Queen of the Seven Kingdoms is to decree all seven broken up and independent or virtual, where she has a very laissez faire attitude toward their independence and she’s more of a figurehead (much like the Queen of England “rules” Canada or England in name only and the real power is with the Prime Minister). She needs to speak up and spell it out.

    Also, she admitted to Tyrion and to Jon that her father was indeed the Mad King but has she done so publicly or even apologize for his murderous ways? That is something she should declare in Winterfell to the Winterfellers. 😉

    Also, as much Lady Sansa and her faction in the North say they prefer Jon’s rulership, I’ve heard repeated accounts of Northerners–including Sansa herself and quite publicly at that–challenging his rule, including seeking our the Dragon Queen’s help in stopping the walkers. What exactly do they want? So this does not break out in anarchy, what are the Top Ten wants?

    With Her Majesty’s forces considerably depleted in defending Winterfell–which answers Lady Sansa’s question of how to feed so many during winter–I would advise the queen to take stock of the resources she does have:

    Can the Heroine of Winterfell, Lady Arya, teach others are fighting skills that she used to kill the Night King?

    There was one knight reportedly had his own flaming sword before the Red Lady arrived. Are there others?

    Since the Night King was coming specifically for Bran Stark, what abilities does he have –that he wants to share publicly that would be useful in defeating Cersei? If he will not share his Sight of the future for fear if it not coming true, might he at least “See” what Cersei and her forces are doing in the present? Can his ability to “warg” into ravens be use to attack or at least distract Cersei’s forces? And how large of flock of birds or pack of wolves can he control?


    As for after Cersei’s murder of Missandei, first, I would strongly advise her never get so personally close to those scorpion weapons again. Second, I would ask, does she want Cersei to die or to suffer and then die? Or does she want Cersei to suffer and die and for herself to be welcomed by the common folk to sit on the Iron Throne?

    If Jon has a better claim, then why not marry him and share the throne? You were willing to marry some dude in Mereen and you know Jon. The last thing he wants is power. He would be king in name only. You would have the real power. Lady Sansa was right: You do have Jon wrapped around your little finger. Also, how much of the actual administration of the Seven Kingdoms are you really interested in? If you’re not going to advise the king to break it up, then at least delegate the day-to-day details to a wise body of leaders to handle such … Small Council Matters. 😉

    — Ken from Chicago

    P.S. I would strongly advise musical entertainment throughout the land if you retain power. It soothes the savage beast or breast and makes time doing labor pass quicker. I have heard good things about Maester of an acoustical stringed instrument from the New Land of Jersey. I’ve heard he’s a regular … Boss.

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