On this podcast Kevin and Bonnie discuss the Earp vs Clanton feud as it’s played out so far on the show and we also have a special guest, the Principal Investigator of the Purgatory Archaeological Survey, joins us to give us some background on the history of the real Earp vs Clanton feud.

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One thought on “Tales of the Black Badge – A Wynonna Earp Fan Podcast #193 – Earp vs Clanton Feud”
  1. The return to the history of Wyatt to me was a great move for the series; I always enjoyed it the most when it was focused on the curse like with season one and Wynonna dealing with the fallout of it all. This season we have her adding to the issues because she shot someone in the back who arguably was no longer a threat and so she’s suppose to be breaking the curse but adds to it and is that actually part of the story itself – some of this is just domed to repeat? It’s definitely more intriguing to me than the garden stuff and Waverly’s sperm donor!

    Doc is just mad Wyatt questioned the decision to bring him because again if you go with history people argue the worst choice Wyatt made that day was to bring Doc because he was already looking for a fight with the group. I think in the end we’re going to see a lot of characters aren’t as bad as we thought but they’re also not as good as we think either and that’s honestly more interesting in my opinion thang someone being all good or all bad; now you can have fun all good guys like a Nicole or fun all bad guys like a Bulshar but the drama and intrigue comes from those in between, that’s why I wish they would stop acting like Doc is the saint who needs to come back to the light – you can do a redemption type arc with him and have him grow without him being a good guy. Again Emily saying in an interview “What if the lead of the series (Wynonna) is actually a bad guy?” is what sold me on watching this in the first place so I’m all for the debates and keeping things gray! πŸ™‚

    Even little Waverly is getting into some good grey content with the fact she’s just out here killing some folks at times be it consciously or not! It makes her feel more complex than just the literal angel you know? πŸ™‚ She’s still a good guy I would say compared to others but giving her this grey does make her even more interesting than having her be the cliche angel version most think of when they hear the word.

    Team antihero Wynonna! πŸ™‚

    I have to say I think Wynonna was wrong for shooting the sheriff because I do believe he wanted all of this to stop, but I also understand why she did it and had it been Cleo you could feel more like this was a trick so it makes it a good move to do tactically so yeah it’s very much like the real history in which you can understand why Wynonna feels she was in the right even if she did the wrong thing. Again SUCH good organic drama! πŸ˜€

    Maybe Cleo will bring in some of the other players because really it’s just her left so she needs back up and the other names in the feud are who she calls?

    Doc better understand what Nicole did, even Wynonna should, because if they get mad at her over that but don’t mention the right she has to be mad at him killing the fire chief then I’m going be mad; I can see Waverly and Needly being angry because they wouldn’t be into turning over one of their own but Doc and Wynonna have no right to really question her given their situations and honestly I think Waverly and Randy being disappointed in her would effect Nicole way more than Doc or Wynonna because Nicole already sees them as grey characters who have no real room to talk. That said if we get a moment where it’s just Doc and Nicole talking about things civilly then that would be great because again we STILL don’t have an honest Doc-Nicole moment for this series, they’re always either with the group or it’s just a line to each other but no major discussion. It’s season four, it’s time Nicole and Doc have a talk alone especially with the deal and him killing people as a vampire for no reason!

    I wanted a humor scene with Doc and Nicole and maybe her having a tooth ache and so he’s breaking out ye oldie dentist advice or tips to help her and she’s regretting the choice but the pain is so much she’s do almost anything to stop it, ha, but I will take some serious debates between them too on things – I just want Kat and Tim to do a scene together as these characters because they’re honestly the only ones who haven’t done it yet still.

    Sorry Bonnie but Doc saying he became a vampire for Wynonna is a lie he’s telling because he did not do that for Wynonna he did that to spite Wynonna and hurt her because she told him no in a moment. He didn’t have to become a vampire to protect her, he’s Doc Holliday the supposed best shot in the history of the west – he did it because Kate is his ex and and again he wanted to hurt Wynonna. That may just be me but yeah I did not see that scene going down as him protecting her, he was looking to her hurt her the way I took it and his actions which is why I have no sympathy for Doc and feel his actions as a vampire should be held against him.

    I will say, turning over your teammates is a bad move so yeah on the good-bad scale Nicole messed up but I personally can give her more leeway right now than I can Doc over things because we still don’t know if Nicole would have actually done it and so because of that she has some grace; Doc we saw murder the fire chief last season and for no reason other than because he could – they guy told him everything he wanted to know and Doc didn’t drink from him so it was a kill just to kill. Had we seen a scene where Nicole delivers an unconscious or restrained Doc to Ma’am then yeah that would be bad but because she still has room to say she only said that and she wasn’t actually going to do it it gives her some reprieve. Waverly for all the killing she’s done recently I’m waiting to see also how much is her wishing them dead literally and how much is something she can’t control that goes to far; a lot of Doc’s wrongs we have seen play out much farther than the girls so again for me it’s why I just keep adding to his pile and let them have chances you could say because I do think that unknown creates conflict – yes what Nicole said was her mission was bad but if she didn’t actually do it then she’s not bad if that makes sense? Yes Wynonna shooting the sheriff in the back is bad but it’s smart tactically and again you can say I’m only saying that because we feel he was honest about wanting things to stop, had it been clear to the audience he wasn’t so honest about that and she did it we wouldn’t really be questioning her. So yeah, I know I seem bias but this is just a bit on why I am – with the female characters there’s a lot of unknowns still which can change things where as with Doc we have seen outcomes to his choices and so you can’t really say “what if” with him, he losses his benefit of the doubt where as until we see more they still have it.

    I can understand Doc biting Julian after the fire because he was in need of food so that I can give a pass, but the fact he bit him to begin with I fully get people being mad because he didn’t have to become a vampire like he’s acting – he chose that and now he has to face the consequences. As much as I don’t want to see Needly disappointed in Nicole, I honestly think this will hurt to see more than Waverly upset at her because you know they’ll do drama with them possibly for story but Needly feels more real I guess you could say because yes it’s still for story but we don’t see him as much so he may not seem the clear choice to be mad also, there’s got to be people disappointed she would trade a teammate…oh man my heart because I just thought about how sad Nicole would be if she felt Dolls was also disappointed. I actually think it would be interesting and tragically beautiful storytelling if Doc fully understood what Nicole was going to do because if in that position he would do the same or worse and it’s the rest (not Wynonna unless she’s going to be mad it’s a team member not because it’s Doc specifically) who we’re giving her the cold shoulder. Now some don’t have room to argue, like Jeremy who would be mad I’m sure, because they all either intentionally (Jeremy) or unintentionally left her alone for almost two years but for the time between them realizing that fact and the reveal to the group if it’s just Doc saying “I don’t fault you for the choice” to Nicole I think that would show growth for him and actually make the situation more emotional. Ugh again give me a Tim and Kat in a solo scene together as these characters that last at least 3 minutes!!! πŸ™‚

    Another interesting debate Bonnie about bias! πŸ˜€

    Doc better forgive, or at least understand, Wynonna because again he has no room to judge.

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