Can an heir get some respect? The Small Council – Wendy, Christine, Jesse, and Shannon – discuss HBO’s House of the Dragon episode 2 – The Rogue Prince. Listen to the episode using the ‘Play’ button below. Follow the break for links and other details. Share your thoughts with the Small Council by recording a speakpipe audio message or calling 706-927-8478. Send tiny ravens to the Small Council Matters Podcast @SCM_Pod or email to News and Links Who is Otto Hightower and Why Does He Matter? House of the Dragon ratings grow; HBO renews for season 2 House of the Dragon Episode 3 Preview Great Breakdown of Female Rule in Westeros   Why Viserys marries Alicent Hightower Thank you for listening! Missed a previous episode? Here are all the Small Council Matters podcasts. Hosted by Wendy Hembrock. Recorded on 8/30/2022. Edited by Brent Barrett. Music by Break of Reality Used with permission.

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