Alien ApocalypseKevin Bachelder is joined by TIST co-host Brent Barrett for a spoiler filled discussion of SciFi (the old spelling) original movie Alien Apocalypse from 2005.

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For additional information about this movie: Original Movie page
IMDB page

Overall Rating:
Brent – Lower end Watch it Now



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One thought on “Saturday B Movie Reel #3 – Alien Apocalypse”
  1. Bruce Campbell… Nuff said.

    But I digress. I’m not a fan of Xena, only seen a few over the years and watched this for Bruce. His dialog was hilarious and really made this terrible movie entertaining.

    Title: 3, Plot: 4, Acting: 6, F/X: 5, Cheese: 8, Eye Candy: 3, Rewatch: 6, Death Scenes: 6 (love the decapitations).

    The Man with The Screaming Brain was far, far better. That one starred Campbell, Ted Raimi and Stacy Keach. A very funny and well done B-movie.

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