Kevin Bachelder is flying solo this time for a spoiler filled discussion of Syfy’s original Saturday B-move entitled Iron Invader.

You can listen to the episode now by using the ‘Play’ button below or follow the break for more detailed show notes.

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Mega Python vs. Gatoroid will be shown again on March 15th at 9pm.

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Overall Rating:
Kevin – lower end of “Watch It Soon”



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One thought on “Saturday B Movie Reel #2 – Iron Invader”
  1. This movie was much better than SyFy’s normal fare.

    This movie had a great cast for Sci-Fi and SyFy fans, with actors that are much better than the usual SyFy Movie.
    Notables as mentioned are Kavan Smith (SGA), Nicole DeBoer (DS9, Dead Zone), Chris Gauthier (Eureka, many more guest appearances), Paul McGillion (SGA, Sanctuary) Don Thompson (good character actor) and Donnelly Rhodes (BSG)

    Simple plot, part Andromeda Strain, but after seeing the actors in this movie, I no longer cared for the plot. I just wanted to see Kavan and Nicole hookup. I enjoyed seeing these great actors from multiple projects together.

    This is what SyFy should be doing, taking genre actors (many that they have under contract) and use them in these films.

    The movies with known actors from great TV are much easier to sit through, Lake Placid 2 being the exception (sorry John Schneider). Although Lake Placid 3 was a great sequel with Colin Fergusen.

    Title: 3, Plot: 4, Acting: 8, F/X: 4, Cheese Level: 6, Eye Candy: 3, Rewatch: 5, Death Scenes: 3.

    I’d watch this film without the Iron Giant just because of this cast.

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