I just found out that the US Syfy channel will be airing Charlie Jade beginning on Friday March 18th at 5am. For all the wrestling ads I see on Syfy you’d think they’d also promote something as good as this but I never saw a single ad.

If you consider yourself a big scifi fan then I believe you’ll want to checkout this show. Not everyone loves it as much as I do but it is different than almost anything else you’ll see on TV so it’s worth a look and since the DVDs are not available in region 1 this might be your only chance.

Based on guide listings it looks like they will be airing it, in order, every Friday morning so set your DVRs!

If you’re not sure if ‘Charlie Jade’ is for you then you can check out a great audio introduction to the series that’s located here.

Here’s a link to the trailer for the series…

2 thoughts on “Charlie Jade Airing On Syfy Channel”
  1. Woohoo! Between moving and having to send my old DVR back to DirecTV, I never got to finish this the first time it aired on Syfy.

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