Next up on the Syfy Original Movie schedule is Ferocious Planet on April 9th.

Here’s the official description…

An experimental device designed to view alternate universes malfunctions on its first demonstration, transporting a group of observers into a nightmarish new dimension. The team must use ingenuity and courage to outwit the bloodthirsty creatures of this bizarre world, while trying to repair the damaged machine and return home. Ferocious Planet stars John Rhys-Davies and Joe Flanigan.

The DVD for this is due out on June 7th. You can find it here.

Here’s the preview…

2 thoughts on “Syfy Original Movie – Ferocious Planet April 9th”
  1. While it starts off good, it quickly goes bad. For most part it is boring, though I think the producers thought it was suspense they were doing. The ending is very unsatisfactory. If you watch carefully you will already have a good idea how it will end a good 15 or more minutes before the end. The end is rushed and poorly done. I suspect that either interest or budget forced the sudden, and I do mean sudden end. I often find I am at odds with some viewers, so please read other reviews. I am merely expressing my opinion. I give it one star because I like John Rhys-Davies and Joe Flanigan.

  2. Thanks for the comment Norm. I should be recording the Saturday B Movie Reel episode for this one later this week with a guest host. I’ll save most of my comments for that but your thoughts are similar to mine in many respects.

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