This is sooooo cool! 🙂


To celebrate their 200th original movie which airs this Saturday Syfy is running “Saturday Monster Madness – The Ultimate Creature Feature Tournament“.

Here’s the description from the press release –

Beginning March 24, thirty-two fun and frantic abominations, ranging from Mansquito to Sharktopus, Mega Shark to Gatoroid, and Rock Monster to Basilisk, will square off, with users voting to determine the winner of each round and, ultimately, the champion of the Syfy creature pantheon. Fans will be able to see custom trading cards featuring their favorite monsters, watch highlight videos of the monsters’ best attacks, and share their votes with friends across social media platforms.

You’ll get to vote each week with the winners advancing until we get to the final showdown! You can submit your votes here.

Checkout some of the cool cards for two of my favorites…

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