AlphasGenre fans love Summer Glau.  From her role as the enigmatic River in Firefly to the cold, but somehow compassionate Cameron in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.   But this Monday, August 22, we get to see her in one of her most exciting roles to date.

Summer appears as a rogue Alpha with a knack for making stuff out of anything at hand.  A sort of super-MacGyver.  But her stuff is much cooler than Richard Dean Anderson could ever imagine.  And she has a past with Doctor Rosen’s team.  Now she’s on the run, and it’s up to our team of Alpha heroes to bring her in.

Fans of Summer Glau will find this role, I believe, quite enjoyable.  She’s not mentally unbalanced, coldly emotionless, one-dimensionally kick-ass, or even a psychotic genius this time.  She’s just a brilliant and gifted woman on a mission.  This episode is a roller-coaster ride from the start, so strap in and enjoy.

Syfy, Monday, August 22, 2011, 10pm Pacific and Eastern.

4 thoughts on “Summer Glau’s New Gig as an Alpha”
  1. This episode sounds amazing!
    I have the feeling that other guest stars were underused but i don’t feel like it will be the case for Summer Glau.
    Great for huge fans like me.
    The show has great acting, directing, is fun to watch and has good plots. I don’t know why it should not be a success for several years on Syfy.

  2. Everything positive thing said about the Goddess Herself, Miss Summer Lyn Glau, is not and will never be good enough. ♥ Watching her watch paint dry would be a pleasure. My love is Summer forever.

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