Next up in our vintage series on Saturday B Movie Reel will be the 1985 fantasy classic Ladyhawke.

Here’s the description…

In medieval France, knight Rutger Hauer and lady fair Michelle Pfeiffer both run afoul of evil-bishop John Wood. Through the auspices of bishop’s confessor Leo McKern, Hauer and Pfeiffer are placed under a curse. During the night, Hauer takes the form of a wolf, while Pfeiffer assumes the form of a hawk by day. The two lovers can only meet one another as humans at dawn and dusk. The only mortal in a position to rescue Hauer and Pfeiffer from their fate is nebbishy pickpocket Matthew Broderick, who acts as liaison between the lovers.

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Video preview below…

One thought on “Coming Soon On Saturday B Movie Reel – Ladyhawke”
  1. Hooray! I remember when this came out and really enjoyed it. I’m still surprised at how well the trio of Rutger Hauer, Michelle Pfeiffer and Matthew Broderick works. A very fun (and witty) fantasy story that for me is still fun to watch today.

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