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2 thoughts on “Tuner Minute 166 – Only Room For One”
  1. When you think the networks will cancel on of the two, bet on the better rated/reviewed show. I only have some many “free” hours each Fall to add new shows to my “must watch live” queue. Looks like Grimm wins. If “Once” make season 2, then perhaps I’ll catch back up. Sit-coms are the same way, one without a laugh track only per Fall thank you. I’d break my rules for pure space scifi… I’d watch them all if we had any left (Dr. Who/Eureka?).

  2. I watch a lot of TV and never felt the need to choose between two similar shows. In fact, I see two shows about a topic that I’m interested in as a very good thing. That being said, for some odd reason I’ve taken the “pick one” approach to Once Upon a Time & Grimm from the moment that I read about them. I watched both pilots and liked Once Upon a Time more. The latest episode that centered around Snow White was my favorite thus far. I love that she’s sort of a badass. I also heard that Grimm is more of a procedural show and I’m not a big fan of those type of shows.

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