Tuning in to SciFi TV #181

February 21, 2012

Water Cooler
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Back Porch
40:15 – The Fades Episode 1.05
49:26 – Fringe 4.13 A Better Human Being
59:58 – Once Upon a Time 1.12 Skin Deep

You can listen to the episode now by using the ‘Play’ button below or follow the break for detailed Show Notes.

Show Notes and Links

Quick Reviews
Sat 2/11
– The Fades Episode 1.05
– Syfy Original Movie Jules Verne’s The Mysterious Island
Sun 2/12
– Lost Girl 2.16 School’s Out
– Once Upon A Time 1.12 Skin Deep
– The Walking Dead 2.08 Nebraska
Mon 2/13
– Alcatraz 1.06 Paxton Petty
– Being Human US 2.05 Addicted to Love
Tues 2/14
– The River 1.03 Los Ciegos
Thu 2/16
– The Big Bang Theory 5.17 The Rothman Disintegration
– The Vampire Diaries 3.15 All My Children
Fri 2/17
– Fringe 4.13 A Better Human Being
– Supernatural 7.15 Repo Man
– Merlin 4.07 The Secret Sharer

Listener voicemail
Lost Girl Season 2 Will Air Very Soon On Syfy In US
Syfy’s Spring Highlights – Eureka finale season premieres 4/16, Treasure Island in May
Syfy Developing Spec Drama ‘Bob from Corporate’
The Walking Dead Mid-Season 2 Premiere Draws Record Viewers
Community panel and episode sneak peak at Paleyfest  
Community Ratings Good By Comparison
Interview with Alcatraz’s Sarah Jones (Rebecca)
Game of Thrones on location in Iceland
CW moves Supernatural back to Thursdays for 2 weeks
Vampire Diaries Returns on March 15th
True Blood casting news
NBC’s Awake pilot released 2 weeks early
CW casts its Beauty
Karen Gillan Discusses Amy’s Exit From Doctor Who
A Community Death
Once Upon a Time actor guest stars on Community

Episode #181 hosted by Kevin Bachelder, Wendy Hembrock and Brent Barrett. Recorded on 2/18/12. Edited by Brent Barrett.

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Theme song graciously provided by Beatnik Turtle.

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2 thoughts on “Tuning in to SciFi TV #181”
  1. What’s supposed to be wrong with Kristin Kreuk? She was the only half-decent thing about Smallville. After she departed, so did my motivation to endure its endlessly recidivistic plotlines.

  2. Another nice reference in this ep. of Once was the videogame Henry plays. It’s clearly shown as “Space Paranoids”, which is from Disney’s TRON. Remember it (along with the Light Cycle & other games) was stolen from Flynn by Dillinger?

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