Coming up on the podcast in the next couple of weeks we’ll be covering a title from our vintage series when we discuss the Roger Corman produced film Black Scorpion (1995).

Here’s the description…

As a street-pounding undercover cop, Darcy Walker (Joan Severance) must confront slime balls every day… on both sides of the law. When her father is murdered, Darcy gives up on the establishment and transforms herself into the vigilante heroine Black Scorpion. Blasting through the city in a souped up Porsche Scorpionmobile, she searches for the key to her father’s murder. Along the way, she discovers a conspiracy of the darkest kind. Can she stop her nemesis, the Breath-taker, before he destroys the city?

Video clip below…

You can purchase Black Scorpion on DVD here.

We’ll be discussing this movie on an upcoming episode of our Saturday B Movie Reel podcast.

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