Regular listeners of our Saturday B Movie Reel podcast know that we’re BIG fans of Roger Corman and his films (links below to some of the ones we’ve already covered on our podcast) so it was very exciting to hear that he is going to be launching Roger Corman’s Drive-In on YouTube and offering many of his films on June 13th. Here’s Roger’s video announcement…

Follow the break for more details.

At launch they are planning to offer 30 films with many more to come. For a small monthly subscription fee you’ll be able to watch all the films on the channel as often as you like. They’ll even be a 14 day free trial available.

Between now and June 13th Roger will be announcing the first 30 films a few at a time via his Twitter account which you can find here. We’ve seen the early list and there are LOTS of great titles in there! You can read the full press release here.

Here are just a few of Roger Corman produced/distributed films that we’ve covered on the podcast so far…

Galaxy Of Terror

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