Listeners of our Tuning in to SciFi TV and Saturday B Movie Reel podcasts know that every year I attend Dragon*Con. Back in 2011 we started doing our annual “Scifi Drive In Theater” movie screenings as part of the American Sci-fi and Fantasy Media track.

Kevin (l) and Joe (r) at 2011 Sharktopus screening

That first year we screened Sharktopus and Joe Crowe, from, and I did some MST3K (Mystery Science Theater 3000) inspired riffing during the movie. In 2012 we screened Mega Python vs Gatoroid.

We draw some great all ages crowds where folks get to have a lot of fun by cheering on the heroes/creatures and booing the villains! Several photos from last years event are available on Facebook courtesy of Jenn Geoppinger here.

For 2013 we have another fun movie planned as we’ll be screening and riffing Super Shark. Here’s the description…

A massive, primordial shark goes on a bloody killing spree after being set free during an offshore drilling mishap in this saltwater shocker. As the tide runs red with blood, marine biologist Kat Carmichael (Sarah Lieving) finds her efforts to destroy the giant killing machine repeatedly foiled by shameless corporate shill Roger Wade (John Schneider). But when the beast begins using its flippers to walk on land, Kat recruits fearless Skipper Chuck (Tim Abell) and wisecracking DJ Dynomite Stevens (Jimmie “JJ” Walker) to blast it back into the ocean.

So make your plans now to join us at Dragon*Con in Atlanta, GA over Labor Day weekend. This event will take place on Friday August 30, 2013 at 8:30pm in the Hyatt Regency Atlanta in the Hanover CDE ballroom.

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