Tales of the Black Badge – A Wynonna Earp Fan Podcast #55 – Let’s Pretend We’re Strangers (2×05) Review

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On this podcast Kevin and Bonnie discuss the fifth episode of season 2 of Wynonna Earp titled Let’s Pretend We’re Strangers (2×05).

The battle for Waverly’s sole continues and Wynonna will never be the same! And about that cliffhanger…

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Tales of the Black Badge


2 Responses to “Tales of the Black Badge – A Wynonna Earp Fan Podcast #55 – Let’s Pretend We’re Strangers (2×05) Review”

  1. Deborah Kern says:

    I have to agree that having Agent Lucado’s head explode – was not cool for me. I liked her role in the story and the interaction between them was great. I will miss this character.

  2. Heather Lamb says:

    Okay, a few things. 1) I love that Dolls real favorite food is “sweet and sour soup with a dollop of peanut butter” and the way Dom delivered that line was so endearing. You get the sense that Waverly knows those personal, intimate details and quirks about Dolls, more so than Wynonna.

    2) That plate?! When it was first revealed in the briefcase, I think we all had the same reaction as Wynonna. “It’s a plate…?” Now we know that the plate had the seal of The Order, but it was painted over. Is The Order trying to hide its existence and that’s why they accepted the plate as a trade?

    Last thought, Black Badge is in hiding, and I don’t think they’re really gone. Great podcast, Kevin and Bonnie!

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