Tales of the Black Badge – A Wynonna Earp Fan Podcast #56 – Whiskey Lullaby (2×06) Review

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On this podcast Kevin and Bonnie discuss the sixth episode of season 2 of Wynonna Earp titled Whiskey Lullaby (2×06).

Even given her current condition, Wynonna can stop the Widows from cursing Purgatory. Right? Maybe? Sorta?


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One Response to “Tales of the Black Badge – A Wynonna Earp Fan Podcast #56 – Whiskey Lullaby (2×06) Review”

  1. Outcast Earper says:

    So many thoughts about ep 206. Both 205 and 206 are so well-written character driven episodes. There is not a single action taken that makes the viewer question why the character did what they do in the episode. I totally believe that Peacemaker is sentient. Wynonna even says, “Peacemaker has decided it’s an alarm clock and a tazer.” I wanted to note that when Wynonna pointed Peacemaker at the fire chief Ewan, it did not glow. Juan Carlo: While he indicates he cannot do something as heroic as saving Dolls, what he appears to be allowed to do is keep all the pieces on the chess board. That is what he has done so far—kept Doc from leaving the playing field and the same with Dolls.
    I recently learned there are Wynonna Earp viewers who do not read ANY behind the scenes information, the debriefings with Emily or any cast interviews while the season is airing. I am wondering if the writers’ room became aware of this fact last year and has tried to address it this year. For example, if you did not read any outside articles, you might not know that Melanie was really pregnant. On rewatch I wondered if the scene in the kitchen where she raises her shirt to touch her own belly was an attempt to show-hey this is real. Similarly, the WayHaught scene covering whether the goo was responsible for the increased intimacy from 202 onward should have cleared things up for those who did not read Emily’s debriefings with Bridget.
    I wanted to cover a few thoughts about the pregnancy plot. As so many said after the episode aired—I am all in. I am excited to see how this storyline is going to be woven into the fabric of the show. Expectations were, given its positive representation of women, the show would address choices faced by a woman who unexpectedly becomes pregnant. Today I learned that some viewers feel that wasn’t done. I highly disagree. The end result was already determined: Wynonna is going to be a pregnant superhero no matter what else happens. But choice was addressed at both the first and last scenes of the episode. Waverly asking how far along Wynonna is directly goes to what options Wynonna has. Wynonna says she has time and Waverly says only a certain amount. Waverly doesn’t need to outright ask, “Are you terminating the pregnancy?” for the matter of choice to be addressed. In the last scene, the anger and helplessness that Wynonna feels for having her choice taken from her is present. The mention of birth control makes it clear this was something she was totally trying to avoid. It also sheds light on how progressive things are in Canada because in the US there is no way that a foster child would be on 2 types of birth control at age 13. Wynonna is overwhelmed by the gravity of the situation and the addition of pregnancy hormones. I read some comments about Wynonna not having a good mother role model. That is not entirely true. From birth to age 10 Wynonna had her mother. Up until age 5 Ward was not the Heir yet so tensions at home would have been much less. During the first 2 years which is when humans develop the ability to trust and up past age 9 which is approximately when humans imprint on a moral compass her mother was there. Wynonna would have been about 6 when Waverly arrived. She witnessed her mother taking care of the baby. Based on the flashback scene of the attack on the Homestead, Wynonna appears to have assumed caring for Waverly after their mother left. We know Ward was focused on training Willa. Not denying the wound that having her mother leave them caused Wynonna, but Wynonna still has the foundation necessary to be a mother. Wynonna also has Waverly. Waverly has already been using her planner skills by reading up on pregnancy on WebMD. (Waves there are apps for that.) Waverly will have Wynonna’s back through everything.
    A last thought on Wynonna’s pregnancy: What if it isn’t possible to abort the next Earp Heir? What if whatever supernatural help was provided Wyatt to help him against the curse, does a certain amount of protecting Wyatt’s line by facilitating its continuance. This is the first time the Heir was female. In the past it would have affected mothers of the Heirs not the Heirs themselves.

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