Still pondering season 7 of Game of Thrones? There’s a loot train of story and character developments to discuss. Wendy and the Small Council take up the matters of best episodes, weakest episodes and MVP characters in part 1 of the season 7 review. Send ravens or scrolls with your thoughts.

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-News and Links
Interview – Isaac Hempstead-Wright Discusses Bran’s Powers
Visual Effects in 706 Beyond the Wall
Dressing a Queen – Season 7 Costumes for Daenerys and Cersei
More Costume Details for Cersei and Daenerys
Hands of Gold – Extended Version by Peter Hollens
A Beautiful Death for Season 7
S7 Blu Rays out early – December 12!
Game of Thrones Will Film Multiple Endings
Making Game of Thrones – Animated History of Valyrians
The Game Revealed – Arya Brienne Training Fight
The Game Revealed – Stark Reunion

Listener Feedback
Season 7 ReviewCategories
– Overall Season Rating
– Best Episode
– Worst Episode
– MVP Character

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Hosted by Wendy Hembrock. Recorded on 9/19/2017. Edited by Brent Barrett.

Music by Break of Reality used with permission.

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