Battlestar Galactica finished up season 4 back in March 2009. You’ve probably gone through your Complete Series boxset at least twice by now. But BSG still doesn’t feel ‘over’, perhaps due to the recent BSG:The Plan movie, or perhaps the upcoming prequel series Caprica.

Another item to complete the series has finally arrived – Battlestar Galactica: The Official Companion Season Four. Titan Books has closed the series of companion books with a foreward by Adama himself. Edward James Olmos acknowledges all the writers and crew of the story, and especially the fans, who gave all their hard work to tell their story a powerful meaning. The Companion closes with perhaps the long-term cultural impact of the show with a final section describing the BSG cast and crew visit to the UN. The UN panel discussion covered many of the issues that BSG tackled like torture, terrorism and religious wars, and their relevance to the UN’s mission today.

As with the previous BSG companion guides, the author, Sharon Gosling, had access to the writers and actors for comments that cannot be found in just the DVD extras or online websites. The guide has special details about each season 4 episode. Whether you liked the series conclusion or not, the section on the finale “Daybreak” provides delicious insights from creators Ron Moore and David Eick and director Michael Rymer about how they came to the series’ end. These glimpses behind the scenes discuss the story, and the unique collaboration of the entire team to create what we eventually saw on screen.

For anyone jonesing for more BSG, and certainly those “completion-ists” in the fandom, the Battlestar Galactica: The Official Companion Season Four should sit nicely next to the companion guides for seasons one through three on the bookshelf.

Read it now.

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