doctor who TARDISAll we want for Christmas is more Doctor Who! With the flying TARDIS of course… and a Sonic Screwdriver in our stocking. And a nice cup of tea if you have it.

Christmas arrives early for Doctor Who fans, as new a story starts today with Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars tonight at 9pm EST/PST on BBC America.

Here’s a preview clip for tonight:

Spending the holidays with The Doctor would be a cosmic trip. Follow the break to see how it may start.

Holidays with The Doctor:

But that’s just the beginning of the Doctor Who specials and goodies. Spend Boxing Day with our dear Time Lord watching Doctor Who: The End of Time, Part One on December 26. Then start the New Year right with Doctor Who: The End of Time, Part Two on January 2 on BBC America.

Listen to Tuning in to Sci Fi TV as Brent, Kevin and Wendy discuss the final adventures of David Tennant playing The Doctor. You can join in the conversation now in our forums.

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