Listeners of our Tuning in to SciFi TV and our Saturday B Movie Reel podcasts know that every year I attend Dragon*Con.

One of the programming tracks that always has lots of great panels and events is the American Sci-fi and Fantasy Media track. For the past couple of years I’ve participated on panels covering the Syfy Original Movies including last year’s “A Little Cheeze With Your Syfy?”. You can find a recording of that panel here.

Kevin (l) and Joe (r) at 2011 Sharktopus screening

Last year was also the first year that the American Sci-fi and Fantasy Media track held a “Saturday Night Scifi Drive In Theater” event. They screened Sharktopus and Joe Crow from and I did some MST3K (Mystery Science Theater 3000) inspired riffing during the movie. We had a standing room only crowd and a ton of fun was had by all in attendance!

For 2012 we have another fun movie planned and we are very excited to announce that we will be screening and riffing Mega Python vs Gatoroid which is a production of The Asylum. Along with the two creatures battling it out the movie also has a Debbie Gibson vs Tiffany dynamic which makes this one EPIC all around!

So make your plans now to join us at Dragon*Con in Atlanta, GA over Labor Day weekend and be sure to keep the evening of Saturday September 1, 2012 free so you can join us for all the fun.

We have a Fans of Syfy Original Movies Facebook group if you want to discuss the Syfy movies and other fun scifi/fantasy B movies with fellow fans. We also have a Saturday B Movie Reel Facebook fan page if you want to keep up on all our activities.

You can also follow us on Twitter as @SatBMovieReel.

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