On May 19th we have aliens attempting to take over the planet, again, in American Warships (aka American Battleship). This movie is also showing in Canada on SPACE on the same day.

Here’s the description…

When a fleet of mysterious ships wage war against the Earth, only the crew of the USS Iowa, the last American battleship, can prevent global armageddon. Cast includes Mario Van Peebles and Carl Weathers. This is a production of The Asylum

Video trailer/preview below…

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7 thoughts on “Syfy Original Movie – American Warships May 19, 2012”
  1. Interesting storyline, but what the hell is up with the cheap imitation of the military… special forces sloppily dressed in uniform, sailors ogoling women while they’re doing weapons maintenance, admirals checking out female subordinate asses? Who the hell wrote this script! What they can’t afford one single military consultant? It’s an insult to the people who serve this country!

    1. Yeah, sloppy representation of the military bugs the crap out of me as well. But what can you expect from their budget? I agree… all they need is ONE person with some military experience or at least an understanding to point out issues. Can’t be that expensive or time consuming to get it right…

  2. I loved the reloading scene — two 16″ projectiles packed side-by-side in a glorified tomato crate, padded with excelsior! And the two babes arguing (unprotected) on the foredeck interspersed with CGI shots of main battery firings. This thing is a hoot!

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